Hello There

All classes I teach are free. I am very fortunate to have a been able to take so many trips to India, and feel so lucky to have found the Ashtanga Yoga practice. So much so that I want to share it with as many people are possible! My reward is seeing you coming back to Ashtanga yoga so for that I am content. 

Really don't worry about it. 

But for those of you who still feel like you want to contribute, then read below and allow me to teach you about cryptocurrency.  

– Jason Vaughn Wolf 


I feel very strongly about this topic and I am quite invested in some real projects with utility. I am passionate, yes, and I believe there is much potential within this industry and despite what you think about the e-GOLD we are still quite early to the party here. I will gladly accept donations in Cardano {ADA} or Bitcoin {BTC}. 

If you never traded digital assets before then get with me so I can teach you all about it. You can also use my link below for a sign-up bonus that we will both get! Be sure to use my referral code.

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