Led Primary Series

This class is recommended for those with at least some experience with Ashtanga, although beginners are welcome. A short discussion/Q&A will follow - attendance is optional. These discussions will cover topics such as yoga philosophy, lifestyle, asana specifics, and more.


Mysore-Style Practice

Please arrive anytime after 6am so that you can finish your practice by 9:15.

For evening Mysore, arrive anytime after 5:30 to be finished by 7:30.

Gentle Intro / Beginners Class

These classes are great introductions to the Ashtanga style for all levels.  Short versions of the series are offered with focus on fundamentals.

***We recommend attending at least one of these classes before coming to Mysore***


The fourth limb of Ashtanga yoga, pranayama is breathing practice - literally "control of vital energy". In this short group at the end of morning Mysore sessions, we work with gentle, nervous system regulating breathing exercises for all levels.



$120 / month

( $100 Low Income*/Student / $90 BIPOC)

*** First Month is $90 for all ***

$15 drop-ins

($10 Low Income*/Student / $8 BIPOC)

$80 / month - evening Mysore only

($60 Low Income* / $50 BIPOC)

$120 / 10 Class Card

($100 Low Income* / $80 BIPOC)

(good for 1 year)

Cash, Venmo, or Cash App are preferred.

Credit/Debit cards and Paypal are also accepted.

*No proof is required. If you feel like this price is right for you, you are very welcome to pay it.