I began my journey with Ashtanga in 2012 in Richmond, VA, after some years of exploring other types of yoga. Perhaps the one thing that hooked me most about this style from the very beginning was how empowering it is for each practitioner to grow an individualized practice with the help of a teacher.  This self-guided approach immediately struck me as the yoga I had been searching for.


In 2013 I moved to Olympia, WA, and soon began apprenticing under Vivian Bedford and Aeryk Bjork.  I made my way to India for the first time in 2018, practiced with Sharath Jois, and fell in love with the city and the community of Mysore.  Returning the following year, I practiced with both Sharath and Saraswathi Jois.  Back in the US, I have also deepened my practice under the guidance of Eddie Stern and David Garrigues.

My firm belief is that Ashtanga Yoga is for everyone, and I strive to teach with this in mind.  Instead of fitting students into a box of each asana, my goal is to work with each person individually to find the way this practice works with their body.  I believe that Ashtanga is a beautiful, constantly evolving container with deeply therapeutic qualities.  Like any medicine, it must requires the correct dose, which will be different for each practitioner.


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AJ Frye

Jason began his studies of Ashtanga yoga in early 2016 which have led him to travel to India 4 times. While in India Jason studies with his teacher Vijay Kumar, and helps assisting him in his shala located in Mysore. Jason is gentle, kind, and eager to introducing you into ashtanga yoga. He loves to garden and get great pleasure out of growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs.