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My yoga journey began in early 2016: I experimented with different kinds of yoga before finding Ashtanga at the Miami Life Center, where Alexandria Santos was my first teacher. She encouraged me to travel to India to further my studies, and being quite intrigued with the idea, I followed up. My first stay was a lengthy one of six months–I fell in love with the culture and had the privilege to practice with Saraswati in Mysore, David Garrigues in Kovalam Beach, and later with Louise Ellis in Rishikesh in the Himalayas.


After returning to the states, I was already missing India and went back three more times. On my third trip, I found my teacher Vijay Kumar. On the fourth trip, I did an extensive teacher training with him and began assisting him in his shala.


Yoga to me is freedom. Having a dedicated practice nourishes the body, mind, and soul. Ashtanga teaches us how we can be free. When I’m not obsessing over yoga, I live a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle, which includes gardening to grow my own food and sharing with others.

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Hello, I'm Josh! I began practicing yoga in 2014 and came to Ashtanga in 2018 at Tucson Yoga. From that point on I delved into Ashtanga yoga practice and philosophy. I began assisting Laurent Baig in the Mysore room in the mornings, going to massage school in the day, and teaching yoga class at night. I wholeheartedly believe in the efficacy of Ashtanga yoga to strengthen the body, calm the mind, and stoke the inner fire. The way I teach is far less strict in comparison to a traditional Ashtanga Instructor. I teach a variety of modifications, making this practice accessible, challenging, and rewarding for any level of practitioner. My foundation in massage therapy informs my eye and teaching.

I've further studied by attending mysore classes and workshops with different teachers here in the U.S. such as Tim Miller, Ty Landrum, Mary Taylor, Lisa Schrempp, and Eddie Stern. I continually read yoga books and practice Asana and Pranayama daily. 

Yoga is a deep well of knowledge, experience, and liberation. Come check it our for yourself. I'll see you on the mat!


Hey I’m Kiana! I started falling in love with Yoga 10 years ago, borrowing my mom’s mat and following along to a 90s VHS tape in my room after school. Little did I know that it would be the start of a lifelong study and passion. In 2018, I went to my first Mysore, Ashtanga class at Tucson Yoga. I was instantly captivated! Everyone in the room was moving and breathing at their own pace, in their own self-cultivated practice. I had never been in a class like it. It became clear to me quickly that cultivating my own Ashtanga practice with the help of a teacher, would be a great way to connect more deeply with myself and to learn more about the parts of Yoga that go beyond movement. I have had the opportunity over these last 4 years to study with many wonderful Ashtanga teachers, including Laurent Baig and Sat Inder S. Khalsa.


To me, much of teaching is about holding space for those coming in to practice and learn. The yoga mat can be a vulnerable place for us all. I feel it is important to help a person build their practice on a basis of how it makes them feel. Many times, this means taking a step back from structure and rigidity, and helping people into a yoga practice that suits their life in its many turns. I teach Primary and Second series always with modifications in my back pocket, always willing to adjust the practice to the person on a day to day basis. As an aspiring birth doula, I have experience teaching prenatal and postpartum yoga as well.


Off the mat I am an artist, nanny, auntie, chef, and a hikin’, bikin’ Tucson local. I like to spend weekends camping and trying all the good taco spots around town. Please email me with any questions, and I hope to see you at AYT!

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